Answers to common questions

Will FeedFlo work on my pipes?

FeedFlo is designed to work on the standard 3 inch / 75 mm feed lines with flex augers used in pork and poultry production barns.

Do you have to modify my pipes?

During installation we drill a small hole in each feed line where we mount the FeedFlo device. This allows our sensor to look inside the pipe and accurately measure feed flowing. If for any reason we need to move or remove the sensors our installation teams will patch the pipes.

Will FeedFlo work with my feed?

FeedFlo is compatible with all types of and mixes of hog and poultry feed including mash, pellets and crumble.

Do I need internet connectivity at my barns?

Yes, FeedFlo requires internet connectivity at each barn site in the onsite office, but don't worry, our installation teams provide modems and cellular connectivity for our devices if there isn't internet available on-site.

What is the sensor calibration check?

After the FeedFlo sensors are installed in your barns our AI-powered analysis software learns about how your system operates to ensure we are as accurate as possible. The calibration process typically takes 1-2 weeks but we are continuously improving this step.

What methods of payment do you take?

We accept all major forms of credit card as well as wire-transfer / cheque on a case-by-case basis.

How accurate are the results?

Our team has built this sensor technology and our analysis algorithm to be extremely accurate in production barn environments. Our aim is to provide 95% accuracy at each site we install.

How long does FeedFlo take to install?

On average, it takes our teams approximately two hours to install 4 FeedFlo devices inside a barn. Our install process includes setting up connectivity in the barn, running cable to each device location to provide power and data, and mounting each unit. We also perform a check to ensure the sensors are working properly and sending data.

Will FeedFlo work with the conditions in my barn?

Yes! We have designed FeedFlo to work in the harsh conditions that exist in hog and poultry production barns. This includes dust, heat, cold, vibration and washing.

Is there any maintenance involved?

FeedFlo is currently in beta so we may ask our beta customers to check and reset sensors from time-to-time. As we move out of beta there will be no maintenance required by our customers.

Can I wash the device?

Yes! While we don't recommend pressure washing the device directly, FeedFlo can remain installed as barns are sprayed down between groups.