Answers to common questions

Will FeedFlo work on my pipes?

FeedFlo fits on 3" or 75 mm feed lines with flexible augers used in pork and poultry production.

Coming Soon: Chain Disk & More Pipe Sizes

Do you have to modify my pipes?

During installation a small hole is drilled in each feed line. This allows our sensor to look inside the pipe and accurately measure feed flowing. If for any reason you need to move or remove the sensors a pipe coupler and hose clamps can be used to cover the hole.

Will FeedFlo work with my feed?

FeedFlo is compatible with all types and mixes of hog and poultry feed including mash, pellets and crumble.

Do I need internet connectivity at my barns?

Yes, FeedFlo requires internet connectivity at each barn, don't worry, we provide modems and cellular connectivity for our sensors if there isn't internet available on-site.

What is the sensor calibration check?

After the FeedFlo sensor is installed our AI-powered analysis software learns about how your system operates to ensure we are as accurate as possible. The calibration process typically takes 1-2 weeks.

What methods of payment do you take?

We accept all major forms of credit card as well as wire-transfer / cheque on a case-by-case basis.

How accurate are the results?

Our team has built this sensor technology and our analysis algorithm to be extremely accurate in production barn environments. Our aim is to provide 95% accuracy at each site we install.

How long does FeedFlo take to install?

It takes a half day to install 4 FeedFlo sensors. We mount the sensors to the pipe, we run cables back to the office, then connect the devices to the internet. We spend 1-2 weeks calibrating and testing the accuracy of each sensor.

Will FeedFlo work with the conditions in my barn?

Yes! We have designed FeedFlo to work in the harsh conditions that exist in hog and poultry production barns. This includes dust, heat, cold, vibration and washing.

Is there any maintenance involved?

No, after it's installed FeedFlo takes care of itself. There are no scheduled maintenance needs thanks to our self cleaning sensor.

Can I wash the device?

Yes! We recommend pressure washing the device directly, FeedFlo can remain installed as barns are cleaned between groups of animals.

What can I expect to pay?

We offer custom pricing models that work for you based on the number of devices you want and your barn set-up. We are also excited to be offering early-adopter pricing right now, so contact us for a quote!