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Feed is too Expensive to Ignore

As the world’s only on-pipe feed sensor, FeedFlo tells you exactly how much feed is being delivered to your animals so you can be sure that every pig in your barn is well fed and growing.

With industry leading precision, and up-to-the-minute real time data and alerts, FeedFlo is a simple and affordable way to improve production outcomes across your organization.


No More Hungry Pigs

Hungry pigs don’t grow. Preventing ‘Out-of-Feed’ events is one of the most effective ways to improve profitability within your operation.

FeedFlo detects feeding system issues in real time and conveniently alerts the right people, hours before animals are affected.

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Feed outage

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Bin change required

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Feed bridge

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Damaged proximity sensor

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Feeding system malfunction

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Defend against Illness

Sick pigs don’t eat. From every day flus to the deadliest of pathogens, disease outbreaks cost the livestock industry billions of dollars every year. FeedFlo identifies potential illness breaks through decreases in group-consumption days before clinical signs present themselves.

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Stop Climbing Feed Bins

Nobody wants to be climbing an icy feed bin in the middle of winter. Use FeedFlo to monitor bin inventory levels and never worry about a late or forgotten feed order again. Talk to an expert about a custom integration with your enterprise feed delivery system.

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Monitor your largest cost driver

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. With FeedFlo, you can be certain that your FCR, ADG, and other key performance indicators aren’t compromised by leftover feed in bins, rogue feed deliveries and other clerical errors.

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