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How it works


The FeedFlo sensor

Our simple and innovative IoT sensor attaches directly to each feed line. We analyze feeding events in real-time, provide insights on usage, detect empty-pipes, and monitor the health of your feeding systems.

Designed to fit standard feed lines

Easy to install

Requires only an ethernet cable


Where FeedFlo goes in your barns

We install FeedFlo on each feed line inside the barn and before the first feed drop. This allows us to accurately monitor how much feed is moving through the system, when feed events occur, and if there are any empty pipe events or system health issues.


Simple but powerful analytics

Our software platform gives users access to powerful insights, reporting, and analytics at the right time.

See summaries of each barn/site

Get detailed information on each feed line for time, duration and volume of each feed event

View all alerts and their status in one place

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